Who are Bob and Roberta Smith?

Who are Bob and Roberta Smith? Bob and Roberta Smith is the name of the British artist whose best known works include: ~ Make Art Not War, which belongs to the Tate collection; and Letter to Michael Gove.

Make Your Own Damn Art – the world of Bob and Roberta Smith – documentary trailer from fugueur on Vimeo.

In 2013, Bob and Roberta launched the Art Party with Crescent Arts, Scarborough.  The Art Party seeks to better advocate the arts to Government. The Art Party is NOT a formal political party, but is a loose grouping of artists and organisations who are deeply concerned about the Government diminishing the role of all the arts and design in schools.

Bob and Roberta is collaborating with film maker Tim Newton to make “Art Party the Movie“, which will be released by Corner House in the summer of 2014.

Bob and Roberta Smith see art as an important element in democratic life. Much of their art takes the form of painted signs. Central to Bob and Roberta Smith’s thinking is the idea that campaigns are extended art works which include a variety of consciousness raising artefacts.

Bob and Roberta Smith studied for his MA at Goldsmiths from 1991 to 93. He was an Artist Trustee of Tate between 2009 and 2013, and he is currently a trustee for the National Campaign for the Arts, and a patron of the NSEAD. He has recently been elected to be a Royal Academician.

Bob and Roberta Smith is actually one man. Before studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths in the early 1990’s, Bob lived in Rome, New York and Wensleydale, and now lives between Leytonstone in East London and Ramsgate.