Art is your Human Right

Art is Your Human Right
The artistic campaigns of Bob and Roberta Smith

16 October 2015 to 31 January 2016

Bob and Roberta Smith is the pseudonym of Patrick Brill, leading British contemporary artist and founder of the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art. Enraged by the Government’s downgrading of art in schools, the artist decided to fight back. In this exhibition we follow his campaigns; from his furious painting, Letter to Michael Gove, to the launch of the Art Party and his attempt to be elected to parliament in 2015. Combining film, placards, sculpture, banners and even his slogan-covered campaigning van, this exhibition makes the case for creativity. All schools should be art schools. Music makes children powerful. The show includes a new film Art is Your Human Right: why can’t politics be more fun? and presents the artist’s hopes and fears for the future.This autumn see more of Bob and Roberta Smith’s work about the history of art education at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Created in response to the YSP’s National Arts Education Archive, Art For All opens 5 September 2015.
For Bob and Roberta Smith media enquiries contact Chloe Nahum at Rees and Company: / 0203 137 8776 / 07742 239 178.